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Sprout Philosophy



To provide a personal learning environment where the development of the whole child is at the core of our work.


Every child will thrive both socially and academically to become lifelong learners both in and outside the classroom. Students will have access to extended time outdoors, smaller class size, and a wide variety of learning exposures.

A Whole-Child Approach

Hands-on education that creates a variety of  exposures and fosters the development of the "whole child"

We are Writers

Students will tell stories through their pictures, they will begin to label and write their own words. 

We are Mathematicans

Students will make connections to the natural order of our world. They will count, group objects, sort, quantify, graph, and measure.

We are Scientists

Students will ask questions, problem solve, make predictions, make connections, experiment, and discover. 

We are Explorers

Students will investigate their world using all their senses. They will touch, taste, listen, smell, and see. They will engage themselves in nature. 

We are Artists

Students will have endless opportunities to show their creativity. They will express themselves through art, music, and movement. 

We are Architects

Students will plan, create, and execute. They will use trial and error to reach a desired outcome. They will use their imagination and transform the block area to represent their world. 

We are Storytellers

Students will use their imaginations to bring stories to life. They will deepen their language skills by telling stories about themselves or retelling stories from our favorite books. 

friends FJ.jpg
We are Friends

Social-emotional growth is critical in the development of our children. We create a classroom family that respects each other. Students will  learn to problem solve, use language, and interact with peers in a positive and successful way. 

We are Family

Students will build a strong sense of community and learn that everyone plays an important role. Students will learn the importance of helping others and build confidence through everyday jobs and interactions. 

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