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Green Sprout Learning

Hands-on Education that focuses on the development of the "Whole Child" 

Green Sprout Learning

Green Sprout Learning is a preschool learning environment that will be your child's home away from home.  We form a small community of families valuing hands-on learning, strong communication, low student ratios, and a passion for success.

The majority of our students join at age 3, staying 2 school years before transitioning to kindergarten. 

The school is designed to capture childhood by:

  • sparking the imagination

  • fostering creativity

  • enhancing confidence

  • instilling a lifelong love for learning both inside and outside the classroom. ​ 

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Our Philosophy

Learning is... EVERYWHERE

Children are very curious. At Green Sprout Learning we place a huge emphasis on play and the individual learning needs of every child. We want our students to explore their world and learn from hands-on experiences that will positively impact their growth-physically, mentally, and emotionally.​​​

Green Sprout creates learning opportunities that develop the "whole child" and provides a variety of materials for differentiated learning opportunities.  We strive to create balanced learning, providing both structure and opportunities for exploration and free expression.



"Enrolling my daughter in Green Sprout Learning was one of the best decisions that we have made as parents thus far! Ms. Kara is all you could ever ask for in a teacher. Her passion for teaching and learning is infectious and my daughter is thriving this year because of her! She is being challenged and encouraged all thanks to Ms. Kara!"

Amy Swain
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